The studio

The Studio

Pim Pam Pum has new, modern and very versatile facilities that ensure that the work done here is of the highest quality.
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Elvas Studio - Pim Pam Pum - Audiovisual Productions


The audio recording and editing room is devoted exclusively to the recording of voice overs for TV programmes and multimedia content:

  • Mac Pro
  • Protools 7.4 LE Digi 003
  • Table – Soundcraft EPM 8
  • Monitors Genelec 1029


This booth is voice over capture optimized for multimedia.
This room has been designed with high levels of acoustic insulation allowing for excellent levels of audio capture and international level audio mastering.
Base equipment:

  • Pre-Micro – Focusrite
  • Micro – Beyerdynamic MC 740 N