Machine Room

Machine Room - Pim Pam Pum - Audiovisual Production

The Machine Room contains various pieces of equipment with remote access to the Post-Production Facilities and Subtitling room. The systems for video, audio, network, phones and the synchronization of the entire studio are shared throughout all the different rooms at Pim Pam Pum, thus serving essentially as the “Pivot room”.

The VCube video editor allows us to digitalise the various professional and internal formats and make transcriptions and conversions in analogue and SDI platforms.

In addition to the internal circuit, this “Pivot Room” performs the communication bridge (data) with customers and employees through an FTP server (uploads) and a PC adapted to exclusively perform downloads of programs and videos from customers.

The new OPTICODEC 7600 equipment also allows broadcast quality recordings via ISDN and IP Lines to and from anywhere in the world.

Basic Equipment:

  • 4 Monitors Sony Rack
  • 1 x 24 Video Patch
  • 1 x 20 Video Patch
  • Patch Rs 422
  • Betacam Digital “Sony Digital Videocassette Recorder DVW-500P Digital Betacam”
  • Betacam Analog “Sony Videocassette Recorder BVW-70P Betacam SP”
  • Betacam Player Sony J 3
  • 3 x 26 Audio Patch
  • VHS Sony
  • Leitor/Gravador DAT “Otari Digital Tape Recorder DTR-8S”
  • Digital Video Converter (SDI) to Analog “Balbox SVAC010”
  • Characters Generator “Screen Subtitling Systems – Poliscript G3”
  • VCube Video Editor
  • PC Computer
  • Server
  • Apt Eclipse