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These days, a video is the best business card a company can have. So Pim Pam Pum has created a new unit dedicated to the creation, production and direction of corporate and promotional videos.

Corporate and Web Videos

An institutional film expresses in images, words and sounds the true essence of a company, brand or institution: its mission, its values, ideas and dreams. Done in a careful way, well thought out, well written and well filmed (as we believe it should be), an institutional video lets you convey to your customers, suppliers and the general public, the most important information about your company. In a clear, creative, engaging and effective manner, your image is able to self propagate throughout the web and social networks.

From a creative idea to a finished film:

  • Creating the concept
  • Editing the script
  • Capture, Editing and Image Post-Production
  • Sound and Audio Edition
  • Production and Direction

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